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photographer. February 10, 2007

I shoot photographs of couples, families, old friends, little kids, brand new scrumptious babies, buildings, animals, old run-down shacks, mud puddles, pipes, tiny bugs, toothy smiles and lots of other beautiful things. I also like to cook chicken in a wide assortment of ways, watch really bad reality tv, make crafty stuff about once every 4 years and play pool 2 nights a week. I have a day job, at night. I take notes on everything. I keep a list going at all times. I could -and would- wear high heels every single day if it was appropriate and I have a fetish for hair products. I need my cell phone like I need to breathe and I’m clumsy like you wouldn’t believe. I worship my kids and always will. But honestly, just let me take interesting pictures. I’ll be happy then.



3 Responses to “photographer.”

  1. Nichole Says:

    Love the pictures you take was wanting to know how to contact you in order to do some pics of my family!!! Thanks and have a great day!!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hello Nichole,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment! This is a fairly new site in terms of information. Obviously! I didn’t even realize until you made this comment that my email isn’t available. I will fix that right away. In the meantime, I will email you with all of the information. ;-)

    Have a good day.

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